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16 December 2012 @ 11:19 pm
Online photo development?  
I've used http://www.yorkphoto.com since 2004 for 35mm photo development; their prices were dirt cheap back then ($1.99/roll for prints plus $1.10 shipping) but what kept me coming back was their prints on line - medium format scans (1600x1000) posted on line. I have an on line album of a couple of dozen of rolls going back 8 years on their site.

They've stopped offering prints on line, but will include the same scans on CD for $3/roll. That, plus their processing increasing to $3.75/roll seems a bit pricey for their one-hour lab quality photos.

Does anyone have experience with mail order development? Anyone you'd like to recommend?

http://www.thedarkroom.com looks interesting - $10/roll scan only, they're in California (as am I) and 4.5 mb images. Doesn't specify the resolution, but they're bound to be higher than the scans from York, which range from 150K to 500K in size.

Maybe I need to get a film scanner and get my negatives developed locally.

Oh, and here's a picture. :)

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